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The platform screen door system PSD overview

platform screen door system overview


Track traffic platform shielding door system is a set of buildings, machinery, electrical, computer network, automatic control and information technology in multi discipline integrated product engineering. Which is arranged in the subway, light rail and other rail station platform edge, the railway train operation area and waiting area isolation, and is provided with a sliding door open / close the corresponding with the train doors can be multi-stage control. Platform screen door system as new equipment system of city rail traffic, because of its safety, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, has been widely used in city track traffic system. 

Shielding door features:

PSD system can prevent the personnel and loot orbit or into the track area, so that the safety of subway operation is greatly improved. Closed end wall design, can prevent the personnel to enter the tunnel or track area, ensure traffic safety. Safety protection system of comprehensive, obstacle detection system, can prevent the personnel are shielded by door clip.

The appearance of the use of stainless steel, aluminum and high transparency glass, structure design, hidden frame the beautiful and comfortable, able to adapt to a variety of platform style of decoration. Compact design for passenger information display and other billboard reserve enough space.

Energy saving
Between the various components of the tiny gap of reasonable design, easy assembly and disassembly all gaps are provided with sealing strips or sealing brush, reduce the maximum degree of the platform side air conditioning energy loss, erosion and harsh environment of internal components and the door body cut off the track side, ensure the normal service life of the stability and the safety of the shielding door during operation.

Application of screen door system can improve air quality and platform passenger area within the station environment, reduce noise, wind waiting area, create a comfortable, clean and convenient environment for the passengers. 

Classification of the shielding door

Shielding door from the closed form can be divided into open type safety doors and full high closed shielding door for half height. The former is called as "security door", only to play safe and beautiful effect, not suitable for the installation of air conditioning system platform, generally for the ground or elevated platform platform. The latter is called "screen door" is suitable for the installation of air conditioning system platform, often underground station.

Half height safety door

Half height safety door main role is to ensure the safety of passengers, the height is 1200-1500mm, because it can not be completely cut off from the wind and the effect of noise on the passengers, therefore, this structure is used in the ground or elevated platform platform.

The full height safety door

Generally used in the underground station, is to ensure the safety of the passengers in the role, but also has the partition between cold and hot air conditioning environment flow and station tunnel within the switch function, so the requirements of airtight shielding door is good, so as to make the heat exchange station and the interval is reduced to the lowest degree, achieve the purpose of energy saving. The door body height is generally 2800-3200mm, used for air conditioning system platform is provided with the structure.

The case of PSD

Qingdao Metro Line M3

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