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Automatic Fare Collection

AFC Overview


Automatic fare collection system is referred to as the AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) system, using smart IC cards as a payment tool to replace paper tickets or admission tickets to achieve information-based system of electronic automatic toll collection, with automatic ticketing, automatic ticket check, automatic replacement ticket automatic clearing and settlement functions, widely used in public transport, subway, highway, major sports and entertainment venues and other places.

AFC system manages public transport fares collection in a certain area, such as the city, the province and the national region, offers management support from ticket sales to operation revenue of public major transport operators through the computer system. The system covers the central clearing system (ACC), able to manage split between multiple operators.

AFC features


Achieve self-service ticketing
Achieve automatical check when passenger in and out of station
Achieve self-service recharge and replacement ticket
Use high-tech means to prevent counterfeit tickets or admission tickets, ticket steal or evasion phenomenon
The use of computer technology to prevent cash flow vulnerability
Correctly offer a variety of reconciliation means
Able to easily provide a variety of operational statistics data, and support system decision-support modernization
Able to facilitate the achievement of an urban public transport one-ticket and one-card


The use of smart IC cards can be very flexible to achieve operation modes of tickets of different rules in the same system:

Non-recycling category


Stored-value tickets, times ticket, section times ticket, regular tickets, staff tickets, all kinds of commemorative tickets


Recycling category

1One-way ticket, round-trip ticket, one day ticket, exit ticket, regular tickets, welfare ticket




AFC central computing system physical architecture


Automatic Fare Collection System related products                                                     

A、Automatic ticket checker



  Automatic ticket checker will divide station hall and paying area and non-paying area. When passengers enter and leave the paying area, automatic ticket checker checks the validity of tickets, releasing passengers holding a valid ticket, blocking passengers holding ineffective tickets and instructing them to go to the ticket booth to manage. 

Specific functions:

Enable passengers holding valid tickets quickly pass, also able to effectively prevent invalid tickets
Able to effectively monitor the passage behavior of passengers
In case of an emergency, you can open the door to all automatic ticket checkers through the command to ensure that passengers leave the paying area without hindrance
Automatic ticket checker has clear signs at both ends with, to display the working status of the automatic ticket checker

In the recovery of one-way ticket, Automatic ticket checker can reclaim different tickets to corresponding boxes
Return invalid ticket s to the passenger
After processing a valid ticket, Automatic ticket checker will store transaction data on the device
Upload related ticket processing transactions, audit and operational status data to station computer via a LAN
Able to accept control commands and operating parameters from station computer and / or central computer
Equipped with passenger display device capable of displaying related equipment status information, ticket use information and repair information
Equipped with the service panel inside, for easy and convenient operation / maintenance by the operator / maintenance personnel

B、Automatic ticket machine


Automatic ticket machines will pay into the station concourse area and non-paying areas. Passengers when entering andleaving the pay zone, automatic ticket machines to check the validity of tickets to passengers holding a valid ticket release,blocking and instructed the passengers holding tickets to the ticket booth ineffective treatment.

Specific features:


Meet passengers holding valid tickets quickly through, but also effectively prevent invalid tickets through
Can effectively monitor the traffic behavior of passengers
When an emergency occurs, you can open the door to all automatic ticket machines through the command to ensure thatpassengers pay to leave the area without hindrance
Automatic ticket machines at both ends with clear signs, display the working status of the automatic ticket machine
Automatic ticket machines in the recovery of one-way ticket, can reclaim the ballot boxes in various different ticket revenue
Ticket is invalid, it will be returned to the passenger ticket
Automatic ticket machine after treatment a valid ticket, transaction data stored on the device
Upload function automatic ticket processing transactions related to the ticket station to station computer via a LAN, audit andoperational status data
Automatic ticket machines can accept control commands and operating parameters station computer and / or a central computer
Above the automatic ticket machine passenger display device capable of displaying status information related to ticket the use of information and repair information
Internal automatic ticket machines have the service panel, allowing the operator / maintenance personnel ease of operation /maintenance
Automatic ticket machines in dealing with special tickets, sound and light can indicate the kind of ticket ticket types, so thatticket inspectors clearly identified
Automatic ticket machine has a beep sounds and the sound of the alarm function


C、Box office ticket machines


  • Box office ticket machines located at the station ticket office or ticket booths operated by station staff, with ticket analysis,ticket sales, and the sale of replacement ticket fare adjustment functions.

    Specific features:
    All tickets can handle the ticketing system of rules
    The operator can be performed by the box office for ticket vending machines analysis, invalid update, sale, assignment, recharge, replace, extension, refunds, transaction processing inquiries
    Processing station passenger complaints of ticket management / administrative record collection
    According to different installation locations and settings for different types of operations, such as a separate area for non-pay service, a separate area for paid services, taking into account the non-paying and paying district service area
    Passengers pay when you can choose a variety of payment methods, such as: pay cash or deducted from the ticket coexist etc.
    Operator display can show enough cash tickets and information, all information displayed in English and Chinese display
    You can print tickets and cash handling documents related to the need for passengers
    Provide passengers with the passenger information display consistent voice prompts to facilitate the needs of different passengers
    Have the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized use, the operator at the end of shift, shift automatically generate and print reports
    Network and computer stations connected by a local area network station, and upload the transaction, cash, trips, the device registers and status data
    Offering one-way ticket with automatic quick way ticket sale module, allowing only authorized personnel to use, and can record information related operations personnel
    On record revenue and ticket processing and print the appropriate documents, with cash / revenue management capabilities
    Has convenient maintainability, the station computer issues emergency or alarm information


D、Automatic Query Machine


Automatic Query machine installed in a non-paid area, close beside the vending machines, self-service check for passengersto check the residual value of the ticket, the effective use of time and historical information recorded in the ticket.

Specific features:
All tickets ticketing rules prescribed treatment system
Automatic kiosk query results clearly show tickets through the passenger display, all display information in English and Chinese display
Automated machines connected via a LAN network station and SC, and upload the relevant inquiry ticket records, equipmentstatus data
Automatic machine with records from the query put to use accumulated data from various registers and convenient queryfunction
Automated machines can analyze the validity of the ticket and display the query results in the passenger display
User-friendly interface design

AFC Case

Qingdao Metro Line M3 AFC
Beijing subway line S1

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