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24 hours free service telephone: 4006756608
Bonin Fortune company has always been committed to providing customers with the perfect pre-sale, sale and after sale service, customer satisfaction as the first standard service. Provide the best solutions for each customer.
We have perfect sales and after sale service network, after sale service is headquartered in Qingdao, with after sale service center in Shandong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Urumqi, Zhengzhou, Dalian, Changsha, Hefei etc.. Bonin Fortune after 20 years of development, cultivate a skilled, strong sense of service and professional customer service service team, all the after sale service engineer through professional training, with professional knowledge and skills of the rich, have the qualification. The company has three professional contractors national metal doors and windows Engineering qualification.
Our employees in strict accordance with Bonin Fortune uniform service standards, high quality to complete the service work. Carefully clear answer customer questions, actively provide feedback on various solutions for customer choice, until the customer satisfaction.

Service standards:
1, we try to do the best, is proud of his work
2, we will be the fastest speed to resolve customer difficulties, we will do everything possible to make the customer satisfied with everything we do;
3, smiling service, words specification. "I was Bonin Fortune company repair agent XXX, come to serve you; there is a problem in the future, we are always at your service".
4, our warm and friendly, helpful, polite;
5, whether at work or at ordinary times, we are all the company's image representative, we keep proper words;
6, clean suits, confident of his personal appearance value and;
7, we actively enterprising, we always find the best solution for the problem, adhere to in the end, never give up;
8, we have to know everything about the product, at any time to meet the needs of customers.

Can provide a service project
Professional products and advisory services programme;
Professional entrance design;
The revolving door professional regular maintenance plan;
Provide high quality parts and repair services;
Emergency service professional;
Upgrade, professional product transformation services;
Network online testing, online upgrade;

Service commitment:
1, our commitment to 6-12 hours after notice of owners received fault repair to the scene within, for troubleshooting, repair services, in order to reduce the inconvenience and loss of customers.
2, 24 hours to provide repair service, 24 hour customer service hotline: 4006756608;
3、The major event of state affairs, foreign affairs activities can be full provide on-site technical support and maintenance, reduce customer any menace from the "rear".

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