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Talent strategy

Qingdao Bonin Fortune Access Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a set of automatic revolving door, speed gate, Metro AFC and PSD R & D, production, sales, operation and maintenance as one of the multi-functional, comprehensive high technology and new technology enterprise, is headquartered in Qingdao. Bonin Fortune has more than 30 items of national patent certificate, has obtained the Chinese Design Red Star Award, the Luban prize, Magnolia Award, high-tech enterprise certificate, membership, China construction metal structure association and director of the Qingdao Metro Industry Association unit, China door ten large gold, Chinese patent Shandong star enterprise etc. series of awards, took the lead through the ISO9001 quality management system in the industry, was awarded the Rhine Germany TUV certification CE. The company was established in 2011 the railway transportation department, set up the Shandong province only a simulation of the subway station, and in 2013 successfully won the bid of Qingdao Metro Line 3 project, PSD AFC, has taken the first step in the strategic transformation of the company, the company will complete the new Sanban work in 2015, plans to complete the overall market in 2018.

The Bonin Fortune is standing at a new historical starting point, facing new development opportunity, Bonin Fortune remember "Fukuda extensive, good community newspaper" the mission of the enterprise, the practice of "honesty, kindness, gratitude Suntech learning and innovation, harmony and win-win, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence" core values, adhere to the "to the quality of tamp foundation, with the cultural achievements of the soul" business purpose, adhere to the "innovator and leader" dedicated to Yu Zhineng's vision of channel field of safety and culture, is willing to work with friends from all walks of life together, sincere cooperation, the pursuit of excellence, strive for excellence, to create the world famous smart channel products.

By the end of 2014, the company the staff 172 people, under the rail traffic division, technology R & D center, operation center, Shandong region, sales region core departments, has a group of elite R & D, rich experience in sales, the company through the social recruitment, school enterprise cooperation, the 211 and 985 colleges and other forms of national special recruitment net the world's best talent, with the rapid expansion of business, the demand of talents is more and more big, in the future, we welcome a society to all circles elite to join the big family of Bonin Fortune.

Staff care
As the Qingdao Charity Federation love fund member units, the company has been adhering to the "Fukuda extensive, good social" social mission, actively participate in charitable activities, organize regular employees donate used in the company's difficult employees help, regularly carry out employee company executives first-line condolences, the establishment of Bonin Fortune golf club, Alpine Club rich employee amateur life, activities at the end of the year the annual series of rich and colorful, the year-end reporting on activities, fun games, training and simulation exercises, the sales staff annual dinner and art show, year-end appraisal, the award-winning staff to special tourism, orientation training and other welfare fund.
The company paid a lot of attention, concerned about the growth of every employee, timely understanding of the employee trends, anxious employees are anxious, spare no effort of all functional departments for sales team and frontline staff work to provide services, the company's management, the human resources department regularly communicate with employees, staff and solve the existing difficulties in life, give the key to the development of each employee's guide.

Talent demand

With the further expansion of the company's business scope, the present public recruitment: general manager, development company development company Sales VP, AFC sales director, channel director, customer relationship management department director positions, we hope to have the ability, enterprising elites to join the big family of Bonin Fortune.

General manager of company of development:

Job requirements:
1, the large and medium-sized enterprises with management for more than 8 years of executive experience, as in private, joint-stock, Multi-National Corporation above group president two years, with the subway and relevant industry work experience is preferred;
2, has the good prospective and high-end decision-making ability;
3, familiar with the business management and operation of enterprises and departments work flow;
4, has the strong organization, coordination, communication, leadership and excellent interpersonal and social activity ability and insight;
5, good personal and business success experience, with excellent sales and marketing ability.

VP of sales and development company:
Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, male or female;
2, eight years or above related working experience, more than 5 years of experience in sales management, able to travel frequently or work abroad;
3, there is a strong organizational leadership, communication and management skills;
4, with the metro and relevant working experience or customer resources is preferred.

AFC sales director:
Job requirements:

1, with marketing, engineering, mechanical, HVAC or related professional, college degree or above;
2, more than 10 years of relevant industry experience, 5 years experience in product marketing and channel management, with the Metro AFC and related product sales experience and customer resources is preferred;
3, excellent team building experience, team management ability, good at coordinating the work of marketing team;
Capacity of 4, have a keen market consciousness, strain capacity, leadership and independent market development, strong learning ability; logic strong and good language expression ability;
5, has a strong spirit of enterprise, be full of go, healthy, optimistic, full of pioneering spirit;

Channel director:
Job requirements:

1, 35 years old, 5 years in the same level position, or 3 years working experience in the same position, led more than 10 people sales team.
2, management, marketing or related major is preferred, with industry experience and customer resources is preferred;
3, character cheerful, responsible, prudent and pragmatic, strong communication skills, good team cooperation consciousness, and can adapt to high working pressure;
4, with a strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication, coordination, analysis and problem solving ability;
5, with regional sales management experience and strong development ability, good knowledge of marketing.

Customer relationship management department director:
Job requirements:

Above 1.30 years of age, sex not limited;
2 management, marketing management or public relations professional
3 the image of a good, strong affinity, comprehension ability, good at public relations, outgoing personality, a wide range of knowledge;
4 familiar with customer relationship management, has the strong active marketing awareness, occupation sensitive;
4 have more than 5 years working experience in marketing

We will in the next three years, the introduction of subway industry all over the country's top talent, based on the existing team, integrate the advantage resources, the introduction of a new type of talents, grinding out a bull by the horns, dare to fight tough battles, innovation, unity and efficient R & D, sales team, in Bonin Fortune one family's efforts, start Bonin Fortune new journey, to become the leader in the field of intelligent channel.

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