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Rail transit operation service

Metro AFC maintenance service in the city orbit transportation construction and development, although only a small part of maintenance work, but it is accompanied by the subway operation always, is a long-term undertaking, is a long-term undertaking incurring large costs, is a need to continuously improve the cause of precipitation accumulation.

As a large public service, a system is the guarantee; not a simple human resource outsourcing. Technical regulation, standard operation, assessment and incentive, training system is the solid guarantee security public services can be copied and long-term development. As a comprehensive product of Electromechanical, hardware, machinery, information, chemical industry, both first simple inspection, repair, deep repair and module has an offline renovation, as well as import network card refinement and center database, center of IT technology, so AFC maintenance is not a simple repair, but a new integrated technology services. As a long-term service industry, precipitation and accumulation of great significance. As an integrated project, and the national standard is not fully guide the engineering quality of the stage, inevitably there are some non industrialized parts need targeted technological transformation.

Rail transit AFC system maintenance, including equipment production, the third party testing service, after sale maintenance services, various accessories technical and other professional services, meet the demand of rail transit AFC system before opening and after the opening of the.

Operation security:

Routine inspection: management by walking around, standard inspection table, take the initiative to advance found fault.

The scene repair: repair to the scene after receiving the fault information in fault within the prescribed period of time.

Offline maintenance: independent repair, reduce the cost, shorten the return to factory repair repair process, reduce the cost of spare parts procurement.

Maintenance: in accordance with the "rules" of key module regular examination, cleaning, repair, tuning, nursing.

Technical innovation: improvement of non main module design and quality defects of the technology itself, non - standard pieces of imitation.

System security:

The organization mode of security: not just first repair personnel in the operation of production, the company's other departments will provide the basic logistics system, technical support, support for purchasing and other value-added services.

Security: in strict accordance with the "measures", the subway safety civilization management, project group will be established contingency plans for emergency response team, different grades and countermeasures.

Security training system: Bonin Fortune University will Everfount output qualified project on-site implementation and management staff, is systematic, scientific, professional batch talent copy, not the master brings apprentice people with inheritance model.

Major holidays, activities of special safeguard for security: important activities of major holidays, national, to ensure the system can withstand the impact of large passenger flow, at the same time, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.


We have established and documented quality system has complied with the requirements of ISO9000 standard, has passed the National Certification Center certification, and carried out throughout the company, as a guarantee of service management in line with a means of technical requirements. According to the requirements of the standard formulation of the quality manual and related program files, quality assurance processes throughout the project, including the construction, maintenance, training, performance appraisal, management of spare parts, repair, inspection etc..

Our formulation of "plan AFC" maintenance regulations, which content reference and absorbs the essence, MTR Shenzhen subway maintenance procedures, including daily inspection, monthly inspection, half yearly check, annual inspection, special inspection module, have important meaning to the efficiency and the quality guarantee repair maintenance.

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