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Join Bonin Fortune career

Join Bonin Fortune career
Thank you for the Bonin Fortune company's concern and support, now all over the country to recruit Bonin Futian products agents, welcome you to join us!

Agent products
The revolving door, through the door series products.
Bonin Fortune company provides sales support
1, to provide effective authorized products authorized sales documents;
2, all kinds of enterprises, product publicity materials;
Provide advice and guidance to 3, various important promotion, product service and repair and other matters;
4, to help your company customer reception to Futian company inspection.
5, responsible for the sale of product scheme design, fabrication, transportation and installation, and provide quality products and quality service, customer service sales;
6, responsible for the sale of products from the date of installation warranty and maintenance work;

Agent qualification:
(1) has an independent legal personality of the company, the registered capital of 500000 yuan (RMB) or above;
(2) the company has more than one year in the automatic door, Sutong door product sales experience, or specialized in building decoration, weak current engineering;
(3) the company has certain liquidity, to ensure the payment on time pay;
(4) the company has a professional sales staff;
(5) the company has rules and regulations and management, standardize the fixed office address, the necessary office conditions.

Application proxy steps:
(1) call the Bonin Fortune channel management, put forward the agent intention;
(2) the channel management department to verify the information, and notify the applicant company results;
(3) channel management and through the examination of the company to further discuss the matter of agency.

Information required for:
(1) the applicant company's copy of business license, tax registration certificate copy, copy of ID of legal representative;
(2) applicant company with office address, telephone, fax, website, e-mail;
(3) introduced the applicant company's introduction, the advantage of industry and other relevant circumstances, analysis report and the revolving door, the region where the velocity gate market.

Join Bonin Fortune agency phone: 0532-68681987

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