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Corporate philosophy

Brand Meaning:
Bonin Fortune - good luck
“Bo” in Chinese means “wide”. “Ceremony • The Doctrine of Mean”: “Noble virtue nurtures people and benefits things.” “ning”: to make it stable and safe. “Book of the Later Han • Feng Yan Biography”: “not to violate the public will, and how to survive in the peace is what the wise man worries about.” Fortune is natural law, and is Yang; “land “tian” in Chinese” is earth, and is Yin. The combination balances Yin and Yang. In Chinese tradition, having Yin and Yang, heaven and earth and being benefited by the five elements are the key to the success. Moreover, the Chinese characters “fu” and “tian” both have “tian”. “tian” belongs to “soil”,  at the center of the five elements, all other four elements, gold,  wood, water and  fire, due to earth, without waiting for survival.
Bonin Fortune means vast land and abundant resources, broad development and peaceful recreation; blessing is the most valuable asset of the company, which indicates that the company will have an infinite and smooth development, rich harvest and peaceful harmony on this fertile and honorable land.
The logo “BON” means Bon, the predecessor of Tibetan Buddhism's, coupled with signs sourced from the word on the chest of the Buddha (symbol of fire and sun), with the meaning of being auspicious and life. And  the English name also presents happiness, wealth, success and good luck.

Mission and vision:

Be the innovator and leader of intelligent access technology and culture, committed to enhancing customer value, employee value and business value, and creating a world-renowned brand of intelligent access.

Core values


Gratefulness——Developing with the sense of kindness and goodness


Honesty——Pursuing for morality and emphasizing honesty


Innovation——Cultivating the habit of study and innovation


Win-win——Focusing on the situation of harmony and seeking for the win-win result

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