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  • In 1993, Qingdao Fortune Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. was established, committed to the operation and development of the channel industry;
  • In 1998, focused on research and development of the rotating door industry, and the first set of Fortune automatic revolving door was launched into the market;
  • In 1999, became the first company in the industry to pass ISO9001 international quality system certification issued by Norwegian DNV;
  • In 2001, Fortune Phase-I industrial park officially was put into use;
  • In 2003, after a decade, Fortune compiled the first book culture manual;
  • In 2005, obtained CE certificate issued by German TUV certification body;
  • In 2006, security rebound patent, a stir in the industry, let Bonin Fortune brand become synonymous with “security”;
  • In 2007, combination with the German GU Group, and cutting-edge technology in the world made Fortune become more competitive brand in the world;
  • In 2008, integrated door culture, and initiated “doorway” cultural journal in the industry, integrating the door culture into the door industry;
  • In 2010, the “the first large door in the world” --- at Shanghai World Expo the group control axis revolving door independently designed, developed and produce by Fortune successfully was put into use, perfectly into the annals of history;
  • In 2011, Fortune conducted the second strategic upgrade, aligned with German Bonin company with more powerful development ability and more sophisticated management to diversify product lines, Bonin Fortune would grasp the opportunity and present a new image for the market.
  • In 2013, successfully won the bid of the subway automation collection system (AFC system), and became the first high-end rail transit equipment supplier;
  • In 2013, the intelligent security barrier-free access gate independently designed and developed by Bonin Fortune won 2013 China Design Red Star Award “Red Star Awards - Silver Award”;
  • In 2014, the revolving door products are named as “Qingdao Famous Brand”;
  • 2014, Bonin Fortune was named as “Shandong private enterprise welfare star” and “Shandong innovative private enterprise”.
  • In 2015, the new plant area of 35 thousand square meters high tech Zone was put into operation.
  • In 2015, Bonin Fortune (Stock Code: 835077) new third board listing.
  • In 2016, Qingdao Metro Line 3 was opened and operated.
  • In 2017, Beijing S1 line and Qingdao Metro Line 2 were opened and operated.
  • In 2017, Hon Hai Group Kunshan Li Meng invested in shares of Bonin Fortune and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
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