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Great and boundless love - charity is everlasting career of Boning Fortune 

Lao Tz said: “be as good as water. Water benefits everything without evoking conflicts or resistance and is willing to stay where everyone hates to be, that is the presentation of Taoism. It is good to live on the ground, have a good heart, be kind to others, keep promises, govern policy, be capable and be on time. Without conflict, so without worry. “Great love is boundless.”  A little more love in the world, less sadness.

“Extensive cultivation of fortune to reward the society” is Bonin Fortune’s core concept and the supreme essence of business is to return to society. Bonin Fortune has been committed to the development of charity. When Qingdao Charity Love Fund was established, we became the member, actively involved in all kinds of public benefits activities, donating for socially vulnerable groups and dedicate our love to play an active role in advancing civilization and building a harmonious society.
October 20, 2012 Love Fund and Bonin Fortune signed a naming fund of 20 million to set up Bonin Fortune charitable fund.
Bonin Fortune staff promotes traditional virtue of “one in need, all in support”, proactively helping disaster areas including Zhouqu, Wenchuan, Yushu, Yaan, etc. For 20 years, the company accumulated donation of more than 3 million and supported more than 600 poor students.

“Extensive cultivation of fortune to reward the society”, people are good by nature, and the highest level of business is to return to society, with good heart, caring about charity, to share peace with the society.

Outer quality and inner attainments are both achieved. Quality strengthens the foundation and culture accomplishes soul. We are committed to enhancing values of our customers, employees and company, and creating a world-famous brand to share blessing with the society.

Harmony is the basis of five elements. Integrate Chinese traditional culture in business operations, restrain majestic atmosphere, and cast the soul of harmony to share a wealth with the society.

Revolving security doors adhere to German rigor; solve problems in turnstile security field, do the innovator and leader in the field, and share security with the society.

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